Alpha Kit

CAT35111-Alpha-Kit 220.jpg
Alpha Kit
Product information
Type Game Aid
Pages 14
Cover artwork Alpha Strike derivative
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Product code CAT35111
First published 2013
MSRP $14.99
Content seven cards of reprinted tables
Series Kit
Preceded by Strategic Kit


Alpha Kit is a set of 7 double-sided, loose-leaf, printed sheets that reprint some of the game tables from the core rulebook Alpha Strike. The tables provided were first presented in the first printing of the book and come from the introductory, standard, abstract aerospace and campaign rules, as well as special abilities, advanced options and a set of example firing arcs. Each table also has the corresponding page number from Alpha Strike indicated.

From the back cover[edit]

Tired of hunting for a specific table in a rulebook? Wish you had heavy-duty reference cards for Alpha Strike game play like that found in the 25th Anniversary Introductory Box Set? Then the Alpha Kit is for you!

The Alpha Kit contains seven heavy-duty cards of compiled tables from Alpha Strike.

Alpha Strike is required to use the Alpha Kit.


  • Introductory Rules
    • Alpha Strike Range
    • Charge Damage
    • Determining Critical Hits
    • Movement Cost
    • To-Hit Modifiers
  • Standard Rules (3 pages)
    • Determining Critical Hits
    • Individual ProtoMech Values
    • Motive Systems Damage
    • Movement Cost
    • Point Value Skill Rating
    • To-Hit Modifiers
    • Unit Movement Mode
    • Victory Points
  • Abstract Aerospace Rules
    • Advanced Movement Mode Costs
    • Advanced Target Movement Modifiers
    • Aerospace To-Hit Modifiers
    • Aerospace Unit Movement Mode
    • Determining Critical Hits
    • Landing Roll Modifiers
  • Campaign Rules
    • Alpha Strike Campaign Support Point Tables
      • Equipment Repairs, Purchases, and Rearming
      • Personnel Hiring and Healing
      • Skill Advancement
  • Advanced Options (5 pages)
    • Advanced Terrain Movement Cost
    • Advanced Terrain To-Hit Modifiers
    • Alpha Strike Buildings
    • Alternate Munitions
    • Artillery To-Hit Modifiers
    • Battlefield Intelligence Rating
    • Capital and Sub-Capital Weapon To-Hit Modifiers
    • Off-board Artillery Flight Time
    • Visual Spotting Range
    • Unit Heights
  • Special Abilities (2 pages)
    • Alpha Strike Special Abilities
  • Firing Arcs (diagrams)
    • Alpha Strike
    • Large Support Vehicle
    • Grounded DropShips