Alpha Strike Cards: WarShips and JumpShips

BattleTech Alpha Strike: WarShips & JumpShips
Product information
Type Alpha Strike Data Card Set
Development Joshua Franklin,
David Kerber
Primary writing Joel Bancroft-Connors,
Joshua Franklin,
Térence Harris,
Chris Marti,
Jan Prowell
Pages 39
Cover Artwork David Kerber
Illustrations Doug Chaffee,
Matt Plog,
Dana Knutson,
Duane Loose
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Product code E-CAT35AS002
First published July 18th, 2021
Content PDF Alpha Strike Cards
Era All Eras
Preceded by Alpha Strike Cards: DropShips and Small Craft


The BattleTech Alpha Strike: WarShips & JumpShips is a collection of Alpha Strike Data Cards for large aerospace units used in the Alpha Strike Game. The cards consist for stats for most WarShips & JumpShips found in the BattleTech universe. The Data Cards are intended to directly support Alpha Strike Officers Edition and Strategic Operations Aerospace Rules for large units using Alpha Strike Companion gameplay.

Publisher's Description[edit]

Take your battles to the depths of space!

BattleTech: Alpha Strike Cards: WarShips & JumpShips provides players with unit cards to bring these units to your Alpha Strike or BattleForce games. Featuring WarShips & JumpShips from across the range of Technical Readouts and other sourcebooks, this product contains over 140 WarShips & JumpShips.

Note that Alpha Strike space combat requires the Alpha Strike Companion in addition to the Alpha Strike: Commander's Edition rulebook.


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