Alpha Strike Lance Packs

The Alpha Strike Lance Packs were a series of packs containing prebuilt Lances of BattleMechs.


Each Lance Pack contained four miniatures. It also contained eight dry-erase cards consisting of a double-sided card containing two variants of each miniature for use in Alpha Strike, a double-sided card with a unique Alpha Strike variant from one of those miniatures with its MechWarrior biography on the reverse, a double-sided card containing two variants for different BattleMech(s) that would be suitable for that formation, a double-sided card detailing the Combat Command colors the lance was painted in with the parent Faction on the reverse, and a double-sided card detailing the Bonus Abilities such a formation would possess with advertising on the reverse.

The Lance Packs were:


These Lance Packs were produced from 2014-2015. The current edition of Alpha Strike rules is Alpha Strike: Commander's Edition published in 2019. As some rules have changed slightly, verify your unit statistics and formation Bonus Abilities are still accurate before use in play. Formation Bonus Abilities can also be used in BattleTech games, see Campaign Operations.