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Alphard Trading Corporation
Corporation Profile
Headquarters: Mendham
Leadership: CEO
Products: battle armor[1]
Division(s) Addhara[1]

Alphard Trading Corporation is a military hardware manufacturer with subsidiary offices located in several Periphery states bordering the Free Worlds League.


Alphard Trading Corporation (ATC) was originally a single company headquartered in the Free Worlds League. During the 2720s ATC underwent a major expansion, forming several new subsidiaries across the Periphery. During the Succession Wars, the ATC main office ceased operations, leaving the many subsidiaries to operate independently.[3] Two of these branches were located on Alphard and Perdition, but only ATC Perdition survived the Succession Wars. Survival didn't equate to prosperity, however, as ATC Perdition remained afloat only because they merged with Pinard Protectorates Limited.

The Alphard office remained defunct until Johann O'Reilly founded a new company with the same name shortly before he formed the Marian Hegemony. By the time of the Clan Invasion, ATC Alphard had formed a partnership with Kali-Yama Industries and ATC Perdition had begun to produce defense products.[4] The increased sales also allowed ATC Perdition to resume operating as a separate corporation.[3]


The Jihad created problems for the Kali-Yama/ATC agreement however, as the main Kali Yama offices were occupied by Blakist forces.[5] The Alphard branch of ATC partnered with Marian Arms Incorporated and in 3080 the two companies finished their first production line. This line produces a "primitive" version of the venerable Centurion BattleMech.[6] Analysts speculate that ATC will use the experience gathered from creating this line to expand the Marian Hegemony's industrial base. The Perdition branch, however, did not fare so well toward the end of the century. Between the Roughriders' attack on Perdition in 3075 and subsequent raids by Word of Blake forces, all of the industry on Perdition had been destroyed by 3081.[7]

The Dark Age[edit]

The Hegemony government invested heavily in ATC, both to drive the reconstruction programs the Marian military needed to go through and to assist with their civilian reconstruction efforts.[1] The first new plant to be constructed by ATC was on Addhara, which began producing both armor and BattleMechs to begin making up for the lost output from the destroyed Perdition plant. Then, in addition to the Leximon plant, ATC established the first battle armor plant to be constructed in the Periphery, located on the former Illyrian Palatinate capital of Illyria. The construction of this plant was driven by demands from Caesar Ignatius O'Reilly for increased military production from ATC. It was Caesar O'Reilly's anticipation of the now re-formed Free Worlds League launching large-scale attacks against the Hegemony that fueled his determination to strengthen the MHAF.[1]

When the Lothian League gained independence in 3128[8] it also effectively gained control of the Leximon plant. While the plant continued to operate under ATC's ownership, it was now producing armored vehicles for the small Lothian military.[9]


The CEO of the Taurian Concordat Alphard Trading Corporation is Bruce Magliozzi.[3]


Alphard Trading Corporation has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


Active from 3099, the Addhara plant is known to have produced armor and BattleMechs.[1]


In 3077 the CEO of the Marian Hegemony Alphard Trading Corporation is Livia O'Reilly.[4]

Components produced on Alphard:[2][10][11]
Component Type
CN9-H Centurion[6][12] Medium BattleMech (Primitive)
J. Edgar[10][12] Hovercraft
Fulcrum[13][2][12] Hovercraft
Testudo[11] Tracked Vehicles (As of 3131)
Fusion Engine
Leenex 145 J. Edgar[10]
Fuel cell
Omni 225 Testudo[11]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
StarSlab-7 Standard J. Edgar[10]
Ferro-fibrous Armor
Lorica Progressia [8Ferro-Fibrous]] w/CASE Testudo[11]
Communications System
Alphard Original Two J. Edgar[10]
Garret T21-C Testudo[11]
Targeting-Tracking System
TracTex Alpha-1 J. Edgar[10]
O/P GRD 059 Testudo[11]
Medium Laser
Diverse Optics Type 2 J. Edgar[10]
Harvester J. Edgar[10]


Active from some point after 3139, the Illyria plant is known to have produced battle armor.[1]


Constructed during the Dark Age, the Leximon plant was still operating at least as late as 3145.[9]

Components produced on Leximon:[9]
Component Type
Goblin Medium Tank[9] Tracked Vehicle
Schrek PPC Carrier[9] Tracked Vehicle


As of 3081 the factories on Perdition had been destroyed.[7]

Components produced on Perdition:[2]
Component Type
Fulcrum[2] Hovercraft
Extralight Fusion Engine
Strand 265 XL Fulcrum[2]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
StarSlab-11.5 Type HVA Fulcrum[2]
Communications System
O/P Air 900 w/Guardian ECM Fulcrum[2]
Targeting-Tracking System
RCA Instatrac Mark XII Fulcrum[2]
Medium Laser
Diverse Optics Type 18 Fulcrum[2]
Large Laser
Sunglow Type 2 Fulcrum[2]
Delta Dart Fulcrum[2]
Harvester 2K Wasp/Shipped to Pinard for Thunderbolt, Battle Hawk & Plainsman also to Taurus for Thunderbolt[citation needed]


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