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Alpin Wolf

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Alpin Wolf
Character Profile
Died 3054
Affiliation Wolf's Dragoons
Parents Mackenzie Wolf (father)[1]
Katherine Wolf (mother)[1]
Siblings Shauna Wolf[1]

Alpin Wolf (3??? – 3054) was the son of MacKenzie Wolf and the grandson of Jaime Wolf, the commander of the legendary Wolf's Dragoons mercenary unit.

Pre–Dragoon Civil War[edit]

Maeve Wolf kills Alpin Wolf in combat

Though he was assigned as a MechWarrior to the Dragoons, Alpin's performance was substandard at best. The pressures of being Jaime Wolf's grandson proved to be more than he could bear. He fell under the influence of Elson Novacat, a Freeborn Clan Nova Cat Elemental taken as a Bondsman by the Dragoons during the Battle of Luthien. After the death of his father Mackenzie (a suspicious incident involving Periphery pirates) Elson convinced Alpin that he deserved to succeed his father as Jaime Wolf's second-in-command. When Jaime Wolf refused to do this, Elson successfully used Clan challenges to remove him from command.

Dragoon Civil War[edit]

The result was the Dragoon Civil War, where Alpin and Elson's supporters were opposed by elements of the Dragoons still loyal to Jaime Wolf. After several weeks of fighting, Alpin was killed in a duel with Maeve Wolf when he was provoked into single combat. Shortly thereafter, the conflict ended with Jaime Wolf returning to command.


As a result of the conflict, Jaime Wolf imposed new rules declaring that none of his descendants would inherit command.


  • At the time of his death, Alpin piloted a Thor OmniMech.
  • It was taken as a given by many of Elson's subordinates that he would dispose of Alpin once Jaime Wolf's rebellion was crushed.


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