Alshain Avengers

Alshain Avengers
Formed 3034
Affiliation Draconis Combine
Parent Command DCMS

Created from the surviving remnants of the Alshain Regulars, the Alshain Avengers were formed after the conquest of their military district capital Alshain by Clan Ghost Bear. Their sole objective was to retake their homeworld and drive the invaders from Combine space; the Avengers eventually staging an unauthorized invasion of Alshain which triggered the Combine-Ghost Bear War and their destruction.



Just as the Alshain Military District was formed from the remaining worlds of the Rasalhague Military District not ceded to the Free Rasalhague Republic, the Alshain Regulars consisted of former Rasalhague Regular troops.

The Alshain Regulars suffered heavy losses during their failed defense of their district during the Clan Invasion. The surviving remnants of the Regulars were re-formed after the conquest of their military district capital Alshain by Clan Ghost Bear forces as the Alshain Avengers. Their sole objective to retake their homeworld and drive the invaders from Combine space, Toshimichi Uchida was chosen by the Coordinator as the new Warlord of the nearly lost Alshain District. The election had also the goal to remind the other Warlords about the possible fate of their districts. The new Warlord trained with his XO, Tai-sho Paul Okinatori and the Avengers to be prepared to recapture their lost homeworlds in the future.[1]

Destruction and the Combine-Ghost Bear War[edit]

In 3062 as the conflict between the Lyran Alliance and the Davion half of Federated Commonwealth slid towards open warfare, the Kokuryu-kai convinced the four regiments of the Alshain Avengers to stage an unauthorized invasion of the former Alshain Military District capital, Alshain. The recapture of Alshain was meant to force the DCMS as a whole to finally recapture all Combine worlds lost to the Ghost Bears.[2][3]

What they did not know was that Alshain had become the heavily defended capital of the Ghost Bear Dominion, with the Ghost Bear Clan having relocated almost all of its assets from the Clan Homeworlds to its Inner Sphere Occupation Zone. Impelled by a vision, Clan Nova Cat destroyed one of the Avenger regiments before it could travel to Alshain, but unbowed by this attack the three surviving Alshain Avengers launched their suicidal assault. Half a regiment was lost fighting their way down from orbit due to defending Ghost Bear WarShips, where the rest of the force was effectively obliterated on the surface. As the Avenger survivors fled into the wilderness to launch a desperate guerrilla war, the Ghost Bear touman launched a retaliatory invasion of the Combine, striking across the entire border between the two powers, triggering what would become known as the Combine-Ghost Bear War.[2][3]


By 3085 the story of the Avengers was used as a cautionary tale warning to dissuade commanders from starting fights on the Combine's borders with the Raven Alliance and Ghost Bear Dominion.[4][5]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Alshain Avengers


Different per Unit.

Units of the Alshain Avengers[edit]

Color Scheme and Insignia[edit]


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