Alshain Military District

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Rasalhague Military District[edit]

Once the Principality of Rasalhague the Rasalhague Military District formed part of the border between the Draconis Combine and the Lyran Commonwealth.

After the death of Warlord Ivan Sorenson and the formation of the Free Rasalhague Republic in 3034, the remains of this district left to the Combine formed the heart of the new Alshain Military District.[1] The creation of the Free Rasalhague Republic from most of the Draconis Combine's former Rasalhague Military District left a long, thin band of twenty Rasalhague worlds that the Combine did not surrender bordering the new Republic. With the addition to ten worlds ceded from the Buckminster Province this region became the heart of the Alshain Military District. Ruled by the planet Alshain, divided into three Prefectures named for their capitals: Buckminster, Garstedt, and Rubigen.

Alshain Military District[edit]

The reshuffling of Combine assets into the new district allowed Theodore Kurita to staff the region with many political allies, including The first district Governor Duke Hassid Ricol, formerly of Verthandi, who secured the position by providing the Combine with a copy of the Helm Memory Core. [2] The Duke was named Governor in 3034, directly after the Combine recognized the Free Rasalhague Republic.

During the Clan Invasion, the Combine lost most of the district to Clan Ghost Bear. The reconquest of Alshain and the other worlds lost to the Bears become a key vindication of the Kurita traditionalists. However, Theodore Kurita never allowed their forces to attack. When the Black Dragon Society managed to send the Alshain Avengers four regiments to strike Alshain, it was a total failure: not only were all the attacking forces annihilated: also triggered the First Combine-Dominion War.[3][4]


Name Command
Warlord of Rasalhague
Adam Kurita 2342 - 2385[5][6]
Hagen Sorenson ???? - ????[7]
Takeda Kenshin ???? - ????[8]
Vladimir Sorenson 2937 - ????
Richard Sorenson ???? - 3007
Marcus Kurita ???? - 3019
Ivan Sorenson 3019 - 3034
Warlord of Alshain
Hassid Ricol 3034 - ????
Kuniaku Koiso ???? - 3054

Rasalhague Prefectures[edit]

Alshain Prefectures[edit]


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