Thessalonika Prefecture

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History & Description[edit]

The Thessalonika Prefecture was one of the administrative regions that comprised the Rasalhague Military District of the Draconis Combine.[1]

In 3025, the Thessalonika Prefecture was the least worrisome to House Kurita. The Thessalonika Prefecture's Prefect was happy in his rule over relatively peaceful planets of medium importance. He spent most of his lime trying to keep major industries and military units out of his district, lest they attract the attention of foreign troops.[1]

Prefecture Commanding Officers[edit]

Position Rank Name
Thessalonika Prefecture Commanding Officers
CO Brigadier General Jan Fjolek[2]
Aide Colonel Erich Barstow[2]
Alshain Prefecture Commanding Officers


Rank Name Command
Commanding Prefects of the Thessalonika Prefecture
Prefect Darrell Johannes 3025[1]
Commanding Prefects of the Alshain Prefecture


  • Prefect Darrell Johannes was born on Thessalonika.[1]

Military Deployment[edit]


One BattleMech Regiment[2]

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