Alshain Province

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History & Description[edit]

Originally known as Radstadt Province, the Alshain Province was one of three administrative regions that comprised the Rasalhague Dominion. The provincial capital for Radstadt Province was the planet Radstadt, a former Prefecture capital of the Rasalhague Military District of the Draconis Combine. On the 7th of March 3074 forces from Clan Ghost Bear moved to disrupt a Word of Blake Shadow Division which was operating covertly on Radstadt.[1] In the resulting fighting, the Word of Blake forces detonated a number of neutron bombs on Radstadt and unleashed a number of biological weapons, poisoning critical parts of the planet's ecosystem.[2][3] The initial Blakist attacks directly resulted in four million deaths on Radstadt.[4]

The capitol of the Province was subsequently moved to Alshain during the Dark Age after the reorganization of the Ghost Bear Dominion into the Rasalhague Dominion.[5][6][7]

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