Alshain Sunset

Alshain Sunset
Vessel Profile
Type JumpShip
Class Star Lord


The Alshain Sunset was a Star Lord-class JumpShip in service with Clan Ghost Bear during the Wars of Reaving as the CGB Alshain Sunset. Operating under the overall command of saKhan Aletha Kabrinski and Loremaster Laurie Tseng, who were organizing the evacuation and removal of the last Ghost Bear enclaves in the Clan Homeworlds as a part of the Clan's exodus to what would become the Ghost Bear Dominion and later the Rasalhague Dominion in the Inner Sphere, the CGB Alshain Sunset was one of a number of JumpShips being loaded with as many people and as much materiel as could be removed from Arcadia in 3071.[1]

The Ghost Bear forces in the Clan Homeworlds were resolutely ignoring the Trials of Reaving called by ilKhan Brett Andrews, which saKhan Kabrinski had described as an "improper and horrid misuse of Clan law", and the Ghost Bears had summarily crushed groups such as the Clan Fire Mandrill force which had landed on Arcadia in mid-December intent on launching Trials of Reaving against two Ghost Bear Bloodnames, but that didn't stop Clan Blood Spirit from attempting to annex the last Ghost Bear enclaves on Arcadia.[1]

Khan Karianna Schmitt led Alpha Galaxy to Arcadia escorted by two WarShips from the small Blood Spirit black water navy, the York-class destroyer CBS Stooping Kite and the Blood Spirit flagship, the Black Lion-class battlecruiser CBS Rocinante. Khan Schmitt had intended to negoatiate with the Ghost Bears for the remaining enclaves on Arcadia, but was unprepared for the vehemence of saKhan Kabrinski's rejection of her plans. Schmitt moved the Rocinante into a low orbit above Arcadia and attempted to force the issue by launching a warning shot into the Snow Peak Mountains, but that only resulted in drawing an insult from Kabrinski before the Ghost Bears shut off communications with the Blood Spirits completely.[1]

Enraged by Kabrinski's actions, Khan Schmitt ordered the Stooping Kite to close with the Ghost Bear vessel closest to the jump point to prevent it jumping out; that vessel was the Alshain Sunset, which at the time was fully loaded with thousands of Ghost Bear civilians as well as materiel recovered from the enclaves, in preparation for the journey back to the Inner Sphere. What followed was a deadly game of brinkmanship; the merchant captain of the Alshain Sunset protested the Blood Spirit orders to stand down and the Stooping Kite's move to prevent the Alshain Sunset from jumping, and began jump preparations anyway, hoping to force the Stooping Kite to withdraw. The Ghost Bears subsequently claimed that the actions of the merchant captain were justified, because whilst the order to stand down was being given by the warrior caste, it was the warrior caste of Clan Blood Spirit giving the order - not the Ghost Bears.[1]

The Stooping Kite responded to the Alshain Sunset's actions with brute force - the Blood Spirit WarShip fired a broadside at the JumpShip, tearing both the Alshain Sunset and her attached DropShips apart and killing the thousands of people aboard. The Ghost Bear response was immediate and savagely brutal; every single spaceworthy ship the Ghost Bears had on Arcadia launched and immediately attacked the Rocinante, swarming the Blood Spirit cruiser and destroying her in mere moments. Although Khan Schmitt was recovered alive from the wreckage, the Blood Spirit flagship was utterly destroyed and the surviving Ghost Bear vessels moved to the jump point, organized themselves into a coherent force and jumped out of the Homeworlds, ending the Ghost Bear presence there forever.[1]


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