Althea Roark

Althea Roark
Affiliation House Roark
Title(s) Baroness of Wyatt

Althea Roark was the Baroness of Wyatt in the early years of the First Succession War.[1]


Wyatt had been annexed by the Free Worlds League early in the First Succession War, but the Marik Militia forces assigned to Wyatt withdrew in late 2790, leaving the planet open to conquest. The League had honored the titles of the Roark family on Wyatt when the world was annexed from the Terran Hegemony, in exchange for the Roark's fealty. That fealty was tested when two Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces regiments - the Fourth Donegal Guards and Fifth Lyran Guards - arrived to annex the planet in January 2791. A Lyran negotiator attempted to persuade Baroness Althea Roark to switch her allegiance to the Lyran Commonwealth, but Althea's son and daughter - former Captain Stephan Roark of the SLDF and his sister Dana Roark - were opposed to breaking their oaths to House Marik, as was Stephan's uncle, the retired SLDF General Bartolomeo Roark. The defending forces on Wyatt consisted of the Wyatt Militia - a force that could muster barely four lances of 'Mechs - and the personal 'Mechs of House Roark, which were dispersed around the various Roark landholdings across the world. Stephan and his allies fought against the annexation, but were undercut by the Baroness Althea Roark, who aligned House Roark with the Commonwealth to preserve the family's position on Wyatt.[1]


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