Always Moving

Always Moving
Product information
Type Short story
Author Steven Mohan, Jr.
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
First published 20 November 2020
Era Clan Invasion era
Timeline 3 May 3052
Series Battle of Tukayyid (series)
Preceded by The Burdens of Honor
Followed by The Lions of Prezno

Always Moving is a short story by Steven Mohan, Jr., fifth entry in the Battle of Tukayyid series written as a companion of the BattleTech: Battle of Tukayyid

Teaser text[edit]

During their battle in Kozice Valley, Diamond Shark Khan Ian Hawker learns the true meaning of his Clan's motto.

Plot summary[edit]

In the Kozice Valley Khan Ian Hawker fights for his life against ComStar, his Diamond Sharks heavily outnumbered and cut-off from both resupply and their landing zones. The conflict now a huge melee, Hawker's thoughts turn to Passage 152 of the Rememberance, exhorting that the Diamond Shark must be Always Moving, a predator ceaselessly hunting their prey to survive. When the Com Guard Fifth Army unexpectedly arrives to encircle the Shark forces, saKhan Barbara Sennet knows they are all doomed unless Hawker orders the held in reserve Omega Galaxy to relieve them, but her bigoted Crusader Khan refuses to allow Freeborn troops to save him, leaving her little choice but to disobey her leader.

Responding to her call, Star Colonel Adrine of the Third Shark Regulars launches a flanking action against the elements of the Fifth Army facing to the north awaiting the escaping Alpha and Gamma Galaxies, catching them unawares and savagely slaughtering their 'Mechs and pilots to open a hole for the Sharks frontline galaxies to escape as the Com Guards move in for the kill. Despite Hawker's hatred of Freeborns, Adrine recognizes that if her Clan was to totally lose two front line Galaxies it likely would no longer exist, silently advancing with the rest of the Third Regulars into the heart of the ComStar lines to buy the survival of the shattered remains of Alpha and Gamma with their lives.

Boarding the practically empty DropShip Requiem, a bitter Ian Hawker convinces himself the galling loss was not his fault, instead choosing to blame Clan Smoke Jaguar for failing to destroy the Fifth Army and Barbara Sennet for shaming his Trueborn warriors by ordering the Third Shark Regulars into battle. For her part Sennet has already moved on from the battle, focused instead on the Diamond Sharks next moves to hopefully starve off Absorption, planning the withdrawal from their sole Inner Sphere holding of Nyserta and leaning even more heavily upon their Merchant Caste to survive. When he refuses to consider her Merchant-first plans, she retorts that their Clan is now everything he hates, a Warden Home Clan due to Hawker's misguided actions, and that she is not challenging him for the senior Khanship only due to their already precarious position.

Recognizing his difficulty with the deal she has suggested, Sennet asks Hawker if he knows of Passage 152, Verse 6 of the Rememberence, revealing to the now shattered Crusader that he has been misinterpreting his favorite passage all along, that it exhorts the Diamond Shark to avoid remaining static, that they must be Always Moving, Always Changing, to survive.

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