Amado Roshak

Amado Roshak
Died 26 October 3064 (implied)
Affiliation Clan Jade Falcon
Rank Star Colonel
Profession MechWarrior

Amado Roshak (b. ???? - implied to have died on 26 October 3064) was a trueborn MechWarrior of Clan Jade Falcon.

Character History[edit]

Prior to Clan Invasion[edit]

By 3050, Amado Roshak had attained the rank of Star Captain and was considered a dull but reliable garrison commander, good at most tasks but excellent at none; he himself felt his career was in a long, shallow decline ever since attaining his bloodname "long ago".[1]

During the Clan Invasion[edit]

Amado Roshak had gone out of his way to secure himself a place in the invasion force for Operation REVIVAL, but after suffering defeats in several trials he wound up as a token representative of the Warrior caste on the supply train DropShip Provider 427 instead as essentially a cargo item.

St. Jean[edit]

When the JumpShip carrying the Provider 427 arrived in the St. Jean system on 7 January 3050 and found a space station there, suggesting the system to hold a colony of some sort, Amado Roshak persuaded his mission commander, Star Captain Otto von Jankmon, to sanction an assault on the unknown colony. The forces under Amado Roshak's command (two Locust IIC and an unspecified number of Elementals) met no military resistance and secured the Franciscan monastery which was the planet's only settlement, plus the recharge station (with DropShip maintenance yard) at the zenith jump point.[1]

Because of a botched trial between one Elemental point commander Horst and one Brother Frank in a Marco ExplorerMech, Amado Roshak later arranged a proper Trial of Possession between the unwilling Frank as the monastery's champion and himself. Otto von Jankmon tilted the odds against Amado in this Trial, hoping to subsequently capture the valuable colony settlement himself to further his own fame instead of Amado's. However, Brother Frank felt he could not pilot a 'Mech in battle. During the trial in the Benedict's Garden caldera on 17 January 3050, Frank sealed off the only exit and then hid in a location where Amado's 'Mech could not reach him, to enforce a draw. Faced with the prospect of suffocating in his cockpit once the air supply ran out, a fate Frank was perfectly willing to accept for himself to stall the trial, Amado informed Frank about Otto's true intentions and disposition and in turn learned of the doomed world's predicament: St. Jean was expected to have no breathable atmosphere left in some twenty years. Amado then offered a new agreement by which the monks would be left to their own devices and coexist on St. Jean as partners of the Jade Falcons instead of subjects, while also suggesting that Clan Jade Falcon had the technology to patch up the terraforming machinery. In return, he demanded Frank to stand down and become his bondsman, as he had come to respect the monk and embraced his counseling, feeling spiritually exhausted and disenchanted with Clan Jade Falcon.[1]

St. Jean subsequently became a surface cargo storage facility for Clan Jade Falcon.[2]


According to a 3053 ComStar treatise on Clan Jade Falcon, Star Captain Amado Roshak was in command of Trinary Alpha (V8RA) of the 8th Falcon Regulars Cluster, Vau Galaxy (Peregrine Galaxy), where he piloted a Hellbringer (Loki) in Alpha Beak 1.[3] The same source lists him as "(WIA)". However, it should be noted that this ComStar document was compiled from second-hand information and is inherently unreliable. It may also be slightly out of date, although the impression is given that the information postdates the Battle of Tukayyid in 3052, where Vau Galaxy and thus implicitly also Amado Roshak participated.

Later Career[edit]

As of 3059, Amado Roshak had been promoted to Star Colonel and had been transferred to Lambda Galaxy. He was now in command of the 74th Battle Cluster (The Raptor Cluster) (consisting of 45 OmniMechs, 15 Elemental Points, and 30 OmniFighters).[2] The unit was rated Veteran, but with "questionable" loyalty; it was explicitly noted that Amado Roshak and his Raptor Battle Cluster had been "exiled" to Lambda Galaxy and St. Jean because of his Warden tendencies. This assignment to a thinly spread Galaxy guarding the route between the Inner Sphere and the Clan homeworlds was meant to deny them the opportunity for real combat.[4]

He was still CO of the 74th Battle Cluster in 3064, and he and his unit clashed with Archer Christifori's troops on Graceland in that year. During this encounter, in which he was defeated and surrendered Graceland to Archer's Avengers, he piloted a Mad Dog.[5]

On 23 October 3064 the 74th Battle Cluster landed on Crimond to battle Clan Wolf-in-Exile. After three days of urban fighting in the town of Little Washington, Amado Roshak was lured into a trap by Phelan Wolf and his Blood Asp was downed. It is implied that he died although this is ambiguous.[citation needed]


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