Amalthia Calderon

Amalthia Calderon
Died 2557
Affiliation House Calderon
Profession Protector of the Taurian Concordat
Children Caterina Calderon
Ariana Calderon


Amalthia Calderon (born 2??? - died 2557[1]) was Protector after Amanda Calderon, relationship unknown. She had at least two daughters: Caterina Calderon, firstborn and Ariana Calderon.[1] Amalthia has the singular distinction of being the first Periphery leader to initiate military action against an Inner Sphere nation. Ariana's War began after Almathia's daughter Lady Ariana Calderon was murdered by her husband Chancellor Kalvin Liao in 2527. Amalthia ordered the Taurian Navy to conduct punitive raids against the Capellan border worlds lasting until 2528. [2][3]

She died in 2557 and was succeeded by her daughter Caterina.[1]


While no birth date for Amalthia are given, some inferences can be made. Amanda Calderon was the only Calderon left after her father's death, so Amalthia was most likely a daughter or granddaughter, rather than a cousin. Furthermore it is doubtful that a nation who hated the Inner Sphere as much as the Taurians did would allow their future rulers to be born of one!

Titles and Possitions[edit]

Preceded by
Amanda Calderon
Protector of the Realm

Succeeded by
Caterina Calderon


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