Amalthia Kincaid

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Amalthia Kincaid
Character Profile
Born 4 May 2540
Died 3 June 2583
Affiliation House Kincaid
Rank General
Profession Strategist

Amalthia Kincaid was a General in the Star League Defense Force during the Reunification War.[1]


Stricken with Pingree Fever in her twenties, Kincaid was described as an "armchair MechWarrior". However, Kincaid was a brilliant strategist and conducted war as humanely as possible.

Kincaid and her senior advisor General Elias Priest formed the first Striker Regiments in preparation for renewed hostilities with the Taurian Concordat.[2] Striker regiments proved so successful that they were instituted by the entire SLDF for long missions behind enemy lines.

Kincaid was tall and gaunt, and sickly during her entire career. Ultimately, her illness led indirectly to her death. Taurian commandos, operating under Case Black, armed with a new particle-beam sniper weapon, were able to engage and eliminate targets at extreme range, but the weapon was only effective against sickly individuals. On the morning of 3 June, 2583, Kincaid was assassinated during a review of the 56th Ariana Lancers. Due to lack of command structure and fear of the new Taurian "miracle weapon", the assassination of General Kincaid delayed the invasion of the Hyades Cluster for more than a year[3]


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