Amanda Braso

Amanda Braso
Died July 2766
Affiliation Star League
Profession Admiral

Amanda Braso was an Admiral in the Star League Defense Force during the Amaris Coup.[1]


Admiral Amanda Braso was the commanding officer of the 568th Armed Transport Flotilla. She held the Naval Medal of Valor for her actions at the Battle of D'Van Star.

In July 2766 the 568th Armed Transport Flotilla was transporting the Thirty-fourth Royal BattleMech Division to Epsilon Indi during the Amaris Civil War. When the Thirty-Fourth Royal BattleMech Division learned of the coup they were determined to launch an unsanctioned attack to reclaim the Hegemony world of Epsilon Indi, that they were so strongly associated with.[1]

The 568th divided their forces into two groups, one led by Admiral Braso and one by Vice Admiral Justin, and arrived at the zenith and nadir jump points of the Epsilon Indi system at 0900 hrs on the 1st of July 2767. The two groups began the transit to the planet, and were challenged by the first Caspar drone from the local SDS network a day away from the planet. The drone refused to acknowledge the SLDF codes, and the best efforts of the crews of the various SLDF WarShips had no success in attempting to gain control of the drone ship's systems. Soon, all fifty-six Caspars assigned to Epsilon Indi were in formation, waiting for the SLDF WarShips to approach; Admiral Braso ordered Vice Admiral Julian in the E. Presley to take his ships to the other side of the planet while her group engaged the bulk of the drone forces, in the hope that Julian's group would be able to deploy their contingent of the Thirty-Fourth unopposed. The Huston and the Rex were two of the vessels that formed the group commanded directly by Admiral Braso.[1]

The Caspars coordinated their efforts precisely, inflicting heavy damage on the Star League WarShips and splitting into two groups as the SLDF troop transports made for the planet, one group attacking the deploying troops as the others engaged the WarShips and defending vessels. When the |SLS Rex, a Lola III, attempted to break and run, several Caspar drones worked together to quickly destroy the isolated vessel; even as Admiral Braso's Black Lion-class WarShip managed to disable some of the drones through accurate gunnery, another Caspar rammed the Huston, destroying the heavy cruiser outright. The remaining ships of the 568th were all destroyed shortly after, with only a fraction of the Thirty Fourth making it to the planet through the gauntlet of Caspar drones and ground-based SDS weapons.[1]


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