Amanda Calderon

Amanda Calderon
Born 2387
Affiliation House Calderon
Parents Daniel Calderon (father)

Personal History[edit]

Amanda Calderon (b.2387 - d. n/a) was Daniel Calderon’s only child at his death in 2390. Only 3 years old, she could not be made Protector, so for the first time in Concordat history a Regent, Admiral Sigur Fonn, was chosen to govern in place of the scion of House Calderon.[1] During her lifetime, the Taurian Concordat engaged in a brutal savage war with the early Capellan Confederation then under the rule of Chancellor Arden Baxter. The Rim War would offically run from 2418 to 2422 but the clashes between the Capellan and Taurian Navies began from 2397 to 2417 and ended with the Capellan capture of Zanzibar, Corodiz and Mendham. The "gains" Baxter had made had cost his nation far more than his nation could keep paying though.[2][3]

In 2422 Amanda arranged a settlement with Baxter that brought an end to the Rim War. But Baxter then attempted to go further than just peace; he proposed a 'thousand world alliance' of the Confederation and Concordat as well as the smaller interstellar entities between them. Advised by Admiral Sigur Fonn, Amanda rejected this blantantly anti-Marik offer, instead choosing a path of neutrality. This neutrality did not stop her from granting sanctuary to dissident Capellan military forces/leaders fleeing Baxter and his Confederacy. Through these and even Marik defectors Amanda was able to secure BattleMech technology for her nation to build.[1]

Because of the horrors the Rim War had inflicted on their people, neither Admiral Sigur Fonn nor his ward Amanda signed the Ares Conventions in 2412, making the Taurian Concordat the only major power of that era (and current era) to not do so.[1]


There is no specific year listed when Amanda was officially proclaimed Protector but it would have most likely been on or shortly after her majority of 18 years old (2415).

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Daniel Calderon
Protector of the Realm

Succeeded by


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