Amanda Kazutoyo

Amanda Kazutoyo
Affiliation Draconis Combine
Profession MechWarrior

Amanda Kazutoyo (b. ???? - d. ????) was an officer with the Third Benjamin Regulars.


During the early years of the Star League, the Third Benjamin Regulars were the Combine unit that triggered the so-called First Hidden War. In 2681 the Third's then Dueling Master Amanda Kazutoyo strode toward the front gate of Fort Shandra, the Star League Defense Force base on Benjamin, and lifted her BattleMaster's fist and loudly declared that all SLDF MechWarriors lacked the warrior's spirit and the courage to duel her. When the base commander asked her to leave, she refused and parked her 'Mech squarely in front of the gates, remaining there unmoving for ten days, periodically reissuing her challenge to the MechWarriors inside the fortress. Eventually her insults wore down the resolve of the SLDF troops, with one Lieutenant Bradley Grebber leaving the fort without permission to face her in his Warhammer.[1]

After agreeing to a suitable location away from the fort, Kazutoyo and Grebeers would fight for little more than ten minutes before the Benjamin MechWarrior achieved the advantage, disabling her opponent's legs with incredibly precise missile fire. Grebber's Warhammer forced to its knees, Kazutoyo walked behind him and placed her 'Mech's PPC at the back of his cockpit, callously executing him to the horror of the SLDF spectators. The fort's commander barely prevented his warriors from attacking Kazutoyo en masse, with First Lord Michael Cameron vigorously protesting this and further duels with similar outcomes for the hapless SLDF.[1]


At the time of the Duel Amanda piloted a BattleMaster.[1]


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