Amanda Noskeau

Amanda Noskeau
Affiliation Star League
Rank Commodore

Amanda Noskeau was a Commodore in the SLDF.[1]


She joined Aleksandr Kerensky's Operation Exodus, but after his death, he did not follow Nicholas Kerensky Second Exodus, instead joining his Liao brethren-in-exile in Arcadia system.

During the Pentagon Civil War she commanded two WarShips, the Long March Congress-class frigate and the Noble House Congress-class frigate. On 8 October 2802, while trying to capture mothballed WarShips from a cache in the system, she was intercepted by the Michael Norman a Black Lion-class battlecruiser commanded by Admiral William Hopcroft, a staunch Davionist among the self-exiled SLDF fleet

In the ensuing battle, the two sides destroyed each other. All three vessels were crippled in the fight and then suffered fatal collisions with asteroids.[1]


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