Amanda Wolf

Amanda Wolf
Character Profile
Affiliation Gannon's Cannons
Wolf's Dragoons[1]
Rank Captain[1]
Profession MechWarrior


Amanda Wolf was a freeborn MechWarrior who served in the touman of Clan Wolf-in-Exile, Wolf's Dragoons and the mercenary unit Gannon's Cannons. Amanda's parents were two technicians from Clan Wolf-in-Exile. Through a combination of willpower and discipline Amanda successfully tested into the Clan Wolf-in-Exile touman, rising to the rank of Star Commander and serving in the Second Wolf Guards Cluster. After serving as a Star Commander for several months, Amanda lost a Trial of Position, but despite this setback her exemplary performance in a joint training exercise saw her transferred to Wolf's Dragoons as part of an officer training program.[2]

Within a year of joining the exchange program Amanda had been assigned to the Dragoons' Home Guard, but was discharged from the Dragoons after a bar fight in Temptown saw her inflict brutal injuries on two members of the Waco Rangers. Amanda was in the stages of provoking a fight with a room full of more Waco Rangers when the mercenary officer Gannon Derer intervened, defusing the situation and coaxing Amanda's story out of her. After hearing Amanda's tale, Gannon offered her a job with his unit, Gannon's Cannons. Amanda's presence in the Cannons created tension after Gannon appointed her his Executive Officer (XO) a month later. Amanda worked to try and overcome this tension, with many in the unit opting to wait and see if their faith in Gannon's judgement would prove to be right.[2]

Amanda went on to serve in the Cannons for at least fourteen years, including throughout the entire of the Jihad, and by the end of October 3081 Amanda had reached the rank of Captain. Unknown to the Cannons, Amanda had also been a Wolfnet agent operating under the codename "Ramrod", providing intelligence on the Cannons and their activities to Wolf's Dragoons. On the 31st of October 3081 Amanda filed her final report for Wolfnet, which included her resignation; the personnel of the Cannons had become her trothkin, and the unit her home.[1] For at least some of her time with the Cannons Amanda piloted a Penetrator BattleMech, before her 'Mech was destroyed in action on Luthien in March 3074.[3] By the beginning of 3076 Amanda was piloting a Gunslinger BattleMech; despite the Gunslinger being new to her, in early January 3076 Amanda defeated four Word of Blake 'Mechs from the Eleventh Division on Galatea.[4]


  • Wolfnet reports from Amanda Wolf under the pseudonym "Ramrod" form a part of the narrative sections of many of the Gannon's Cannons tracks within the Total Chaos sourcebook.


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