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Amaris Armored Vehicles

Amaris Armored Vehicles
Company Information
Interstellar Company yes
Primary Site(s) Timbuktu Province
Erdvynn Province
Primary Products Vehicles
Infantry equipment

Amaris Armored Vehicles (AAV) was the principal manufacturer of armored vehicles and mechanized infantry equipment of the Rim Worlds Republic.[1]


As a broadly distributed interstellar conglomeration, AAV had numerous production facilities scattered around the Timbuktu and Erdvynn Provinces. Due to the small size and dispersed nature of their facilities, most of the factories survived the Reunification War with only minor damage. Therefore, repairing and expanding them was easy. While AAV had few original models, they instead relied heavily on producing licensed vehicles and weapons from companies throughout the Inner Sphere. Although the capacity of each production facility was small, the high number of factories allowed them to build thousands of tanks, hovercrafts, helicopters, and infantry support vehicles in the Republic. Much of this output appears to supply the planetary militia forces, but also strengthens the combined-arms capabilities of the brigades and divisions of the provinces.[1]


Amaris Armored Vehicles was known to have numerous manufacturing facilities distributed throughout the Timbuktu and Erdvynn Provinces.[1]


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