Amaris Arms Corporation

Amaris Arms Corporation
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Terra
Primary Products BattleMechs

Amaris Arms Corporation (AAC) was an unsuccessful producer of experimental BattleMechs and technology for the Amaris Empire.


The short-lived BattleMech manufacturer, Amaris Arms Corporation, was created to produce original-designed 'Mechs for the Amaris Empire as well as to research and develop magic-bullet technologies meant to thwart restoration attempts by the SLDF. Its first and only production site was located on Terra so that the Emperor, Stefan Amaris, could keep close watch over its progress. AAC would end up spending most of its time and effort designing the Matar superheavy BattleMech prototype.[1]

Though initially well resourced, AAC leadership developed a tendency to please their master in the short-term by overestimating the quality of projected results. By continuously setting the bar so high, the company doomed itself to underperformance, eventually producing very little success in research and development. To make matters worse, Stefan's harsh leadership style developed a mix of shared attitudes and expectations that led to poor project management among his underlings. This tendency would be further aggravated as the SLDF launched Operation CHIEFTAIN and began reclaiming Terran Hegemony worlds.

Eventually, Stefan Amaris appointed his cousin, General Rifkin Amaris, to spearhead the design and mass production of the Matar using AAC personnel and facilities. The project increasingly focused on maximizing armor and firepower with little regard for the BattleMech's other functions, resulting in project's eventual failure. Rifkin was not solely responsible for this given Stefan's multiple intercessions during the project's development.[1] Nevertheless, after the third failed attempt to make the Matar so much as walk, Rifkin sided with the Emperor in accusing the design staff of "treasonous incompetence" and in ordering their execution.[2]

AAC's loss in personnel destroyed whatever morale it had left and rendered the company impotent, though continued demands from the Emperor prevented its dissolution. Project progress became increasingly rushed which led to indefinite development delays and, due to the threat of harsh punitive action, the eventual attempt of several corporate staff members to flee from Amaris control. The company eventually dissolved via abandonment shortly after Kerensky began his liberation of Terra. AAC facilities fell into the hands of the SLDF during the course of Kerensky's campaign and Matar designs were seized by Kerensky's troops during Rifkin Amaris's apprehension.[2] What became of the rest of AAC's endeavors is still unknown.


Amaris Arms Corporation had a manufacturing center on the following planet:[1]


Components produced on Terra:[1]
Component Type
SAM-RS2 Matar[1] Superheavy BattleMech


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