Amaterasu Regiment
Formed 3081
Affiliation Republic of the Sphere
Draconis Combine
Parent Command Dragon's Fury

The all-female Amaterasu were established as an independent command by the Republic of the Sphere in 3081, but defected to the Draconis Combine as part of Katana Tormark's Fury movement. Invitation to the elite Amaterasu has only two requirements: the designate must be the best at her occupation and she must be a woman.[1]



The unit was formed from elements of the 9th Sword of Light, a Light BattleMech regiment that was gifted to the Republic when that nation was born. The RAF High Command took a unique approach with the Ninth Sword of light troops: Unlike most of the forces that joined the Republic, the companies of the Ninth were reformed into three battalion-sized units. These units were not immediately integrated into other Republic formations, but instead left intact to serve as special rapid response forces. By 3085 however only the Amaterasu remained intact, with the Tsukuyomi having been destroyed and the Fujin merged with another Republic unit to create the 8th Principes Guards.[2]

Garrison Duty[edit]

In 3085 the Amaterasu were stationed on Altair in Prefecture X of the Republic of the Sphere, where they served as a training force to sharpen the skills of the Triarii Protectors. During this time, the unit was still a battalion and said to reach full strength by 3086.[2][3]

The Capellan Crusades[edit]

During the Capellan Crusades, the Amaterasu were stationed on Liao when that world was assaulted by the CCAF in March 3113. When Capellan troops launched a surprise attack upon Chang-an, a company of Amaterasu prevented the battle from becoming a total disaster for the unprepared RAF garrison and were on the verge of halting the Capellans when Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao himself joined the fight. The Amaterasu easily downed Sun-Tzu's 'Mech, but their leader's apparent death spurred the enraged Capellan troops into routing the Republican forces. Later that year, the Amaterasu were part of the RAF force that reclaimed most of Liao and were preparing to assault the Capellan's last remaining position on that world when the Sarna Armistice suddenly ended the war.[4]

The Dragon's Fury[edit]

Owing to their Combine origins, the Amaterasu found themselves attracted to Katana Tormark, whose charisma, martial skills and bushido lifestyle rendered her an archetypical samurai heroine. When Tormark created the Dragon's Fury splinter faction and declared her allegiance for the Draconis Combine, the Amaterasu quickly came to form the core around which the renegade Prefect gathered her army. Whilst some members such as Chu-sa Antonia Chinn had troublesome reservations about killing their former comrades in the RAF, the regiment quickly came to make a name for itself as an elite fighting formation bringing honor to its ancestral unit.[5]

Battle of Addicks[edit]

In November 3132, elements of the Amaterasu under command of Tai-i Danni Haag touched down on Addicks to secure the planet's valuable oil fields as a source of fuel for the Fury's commencing campaign, clashing with a unit of the Northwind Highlanders led by Captain Tara Bishop. After pushing the Highlanders out of Neo Carthagia, the Dragon's Fury consolidated its forces on the Plains of Jesara to survey its oil fields whilst sending out skirmishers to keep the Highlanders off-balance. After several weeks of continuous hit-and-run attacks by Bishop's decimated troops, the invaders finally withdrew. It is not known what quantity of resources the Fury has gained from this raid.[6][7]

Battle of Vega[edit]

In March 3133, a detachment of the Amaterasu under Tai-sa Ngaire McAllister was sent to attack Vega in an attempt to bring the world back under the banner of the Draconis Combine. Unfortunately, the Vega Republic Standing Guard put up an unexpectedly stiff resistance and forced the invaders into retreat.[8]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Amaterasu
Major Everett Uibaru 3085[3]
Tai-sho Katana Tormark Circa 3130[8]

Other Officers[edit]


The Amaterasu see themselves as honorable warriors who uphold the code of bushido. Therefore they do not attack retreating or crippled opponents, and they prefer one-on-one duels.[8] An exception to this are the Amaterasu Commandos, who are noted for their ruthless nature, only taking prisoners when receiving specific orders to do so, and never allowing themselves to be captured alive.[9]

Composition History[edit]


Amaterasu (1 Battalion/Veteran/Questionable)[3]


Amaterasu (Regiment/Elite)[8]

Known Elements[8][10][6][edit]

  • Kirikakaru Lance (BattleMechs)
  • Ryoujin Lance (BattleMechs)
  • Talon Lance (BattleMechs)
  • Amaterasu Commandos (infantry)
  • Tamara's Rangers (Hauberk Battle Armor)


The Amazon-like nature of the Amaterasu discourages romances as a sign of impurity in its warriors.[11] Interestingly, this attitude does not seem to apply to the relationship between Chinn and Tormark, perhaps as a result of the revered status of the latter, or because both warriors are considered Amaterasu.[12]

The regiment's name is a reference to the Shinto deity Amaterasu, goddess of the sun and the universe. The Ancient Emperor of Japan was said to be a direct descendent of Amaterasu.[13]


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