Amelia Donovan

Amelia Donovan
Character Profile
Affiliation Eridani Light Horse
Rank Colonel[1]
Profession MechWarrior
Parents Richard Donovan (father)[2][1]

Amelia Donovan was a colonel in the Eridani Light Horse's Eleventh Recon Battalion, and the one which managed to resurrect the Eridani Light Horse in the IlClan Era[3]


Amelia Donovan was the daughter of Colonel Richard Donovan, who in the Dark Age rebuilt the Eleventh Recon Battalion of the Seventy-first Light Horse Regiment. His dream to fully resurrect the ELH was thwarted by legal concerns, and he died before he was able to overcome them. He was succeeded by Major Dariah Sayier.[2]

Amelia, a fourth-generation member of the ELH, was also part of the Eleventh as Sayier's executive officer, and after she retired, Amelia succeeded her. Amelia focused on training the Eleventh to maximize their effectiveness and professionalism.[2]

On 20 March 3151, the Eleventh was on Mirach, nearing the end of their garrison contract, and organized a war games between the Eleventh. A mysterious intruder was captured and asked to see her, and she visited him.[1]

The intruder identified himself as Jonathan Sparrow, an envoy of Federated Suns First Prince Julian Davion. Amelia listened to his proposal, and was impressed: Julian offered her to give her full support, from him and Lyran Commonwealth Archon Trillian Steiner, to recover the ELH's blocked funds, and a two-year contract to defend the Suns... if Amelia managed to reunite the several claimants to the ELH's leadership.[1]

After consulting her staff, Amelia accepted the offer, contacting all other major claimants to the ELH's legacy, and their leaders gathered on Mirach on May 1st. They were the Colonels Eric Tappan, Arthur Covir, Lyle Goss and Major Rachel Sills, representative of another group. They debated the question, along with Sparrow. The main problem was to determine who may be the new Lieutenant-General of the ELH, as every Colonel claimed the post, or almost. Goss defied Amelia's right to lead the Eridanis, and to determine the question, both agreed to realize a war games exercise confronting both's forces.[1]

Amelia piloted a Clan Ebon Jaguar which Sparrow had gave her as gift... but right after the fight began, the Eleventh's members were stunned, because Goss's people were attacking them with live ammo. They responded, and the Alley Cats quickly mobilized, defeating and capturing Goss and all his people, with minimal losses.[1]

After interrogating Goss, it was uncovered he was working secretly for the Draconis Combine's Warlord Matsuhari Toranaga which expected to prevent the ELH's reunification. In fact, Goss's people weren't really his group, but another mercenary unit contracted by him, Forge's Firestarters. The debate about who will command the ELH was cut off by Amelia, who pointed out that the Federated Suns needed them, and that she will go to his assistance, inviting all other groups to join her.[1]

On May 5th, on the bridge of her DropShip, Amelia was contacted by Covir. He informed her that his group, Telson and Sils were with her, under her orders, and acknowledged her as the ELH's new lieutenant general. Overjoyed at having finally achieved the resurrection of the Eridani, she ordered them to depart.[1]


Amelia piloted a Cauldron-Born.[1]


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