Amir Kowalski

Amir Kowalski
Character Profile
Also known as "Dekker"
Born 2995
Affiliation Markham's Marauders
Profession Mercenary MechWarrior


Amir Kowalski was brought up as a loyal scion of House Liao, and sent to a military academy as soon as he was of age. There, he did not disappoint his family name and graduated on time. After graduation and by family request, he was assigned as a naval lieutenant aboard a Capellan Confederation DropShip. He served without particular distinction and was eventually transferred to a MechWarrior unit, which suited his abilities much better. After another tour of duty in which he developed the motto: "any battle you walk away from is a victory," he decided he wanted to pursue his own goals, and became a mercenary.


Amir "Dekker" Kowalski is part of the player's starting lance in the BattleTech video game. His default 'Mech is a SDR-5V Spider.

Due to the Spider being a rather fragile BattleMech, Dekker has a high chance of becoming a casualty early in the game if his player acts carelessly. The large amount of dead Dekkers has since led to a sort of meme within the game's community with players exchanging stories of the awkward ways they lost "their" Dekker, or boasting about Dekker still being alive in their campaign. A Steam achievement was eventually added for those who completed the campaign with Dekker still alive.