Amori is a seaport located on the Seiyo Sea on the Luthien continent of Sakura and is south of the planet's equator, just under the Shaidan Basin and southwest of the Arisaka Munitions Complex. Amori is the epicenter of a metropolitan complex with a population greater than 50 million.[1][2]

The area around Amori saw fighting between the Amori Militia and the Twenty-second Freebirth Cluster of freeborn Clan MechWarriors and Elementals during the Battle of Luthien. Inaccurate ComStar intelligence indicated that the Twenty-second's objective - the Arisaka Munitions Complex - was defended by low grade militia. Instead the Clan warriors found themselves lured into a trap by the Militia's wily veteran commander; as the Cluster pursued their 'routed' opponents across the bridges of the Shaidan River, the militiamen blew up the bridges and trapped the Clan warriors against the rain-swollen river, forcing their surrender.[3]


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