Vessel Profile
Type JumpShip
Class Unknown


The Amundsen was a JumpShip of unknown type. The ship was travelling with the Leif Erickson, the St. Brendan, the Kossandra Centrella and the Dr. Livingston to colonize a new world. The crewman and passengers described themselves as amateurs who had been sweet-talked into a crazy venture by a crackpot with too much money and time.

The ships' crew and passengers were emigrating to the outer periphery. Their systems were failing and they were unable to find a planet to settle. They had already passed ten systems in the last twelve months without finding anything.

The Dr. Livingston was lost after nine months of travel after a massive engineering accident, and the other ships were near to suffer a mutiny because food was getting scarce.

Nothing is known on these ships destiny, and all the information on them was from a file found in a communication buoy drifting in an uncharted star system in the Outer Rim Region, with date 10th September 3051.[1]


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