Anand Stoudemier

Anand Stoudemier
Affiliation Free Worlds League
Profession MechWarrior

Anand Stoudemier was a member of the Second Oriente Hussars.[1]


He was a member in Bjorn Karlsmith's company on the Second, member of the unit's Fire Lance. Stationed on Wallacia after it followed Andurien's lead in seceding from the Free Worlds League, the unit seized the capital of the planet. The government-in-exile responded by hiring the Black Widow Battalion of Wolf's Dragoons to liberate the planet, leading to battles throughout the autumn of 3032 which cost the Second a Battalion of 'Mechs and the planet.[2][1] He fought the Wolf Spiders company on the 12th of September 3032 at Weiswald Station.[1]


He piloted a Quickdraw.[1]


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