Anastasia (FrankenMech)

Ugly Stepsister Anastasia
Production information
Manufacturer Team Godmother
Production Year 3138
Model HBK-LGN-Pin
Class Medium
Technical specifications
Mech type Mixed-tech BattleMech
Mass 50 tons
Chassis Custom Hybrid Standard/Endo Steel Chassis
Armor Standard
Engine 200-rated Standard Fusion
Heat Sinks 10 Double Heat Sinks
Speed 64.8 km/h km/h

1x Heavy Large Laser
1x Autocannon/20

BV (2.0) 1,303[1]


The HBK-LGN-Pin Ugly Stepsister Anastasia is assembled from the parts of three distinct BattleMechs: a 3050s-vintage Hunchback, an early run Legionnaire, and a Clan-made Pinion. The 'Mech is a hulking brute that moves fairly slow yet hits hard.[1]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The 'Mech is armed with one Heavy Large Laser and one Autocannon/20 supported by a Targeting Computer. Ten Double Heat Sinks keep the 'Mech cold.[1]


This 'Mech was piloted by Lucy Blessed.

Design Quirks[edit]

The 'Mech features the following Design Quirks:
Extended Torso Twist
Non-Standard Parts


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