Anastasia Marcus

Anastasia Marcus
Character Profile
Affiliation House Marcus
Position Historical Director[1]
Professor Emeritus of Federated Suns History
Profession Research Scientist

Dr Anastasia Marcus was a historian, academic and author with the Federated Suns and ComStar during the early and mid thirty-first century.[1][2]


Marcus' parents named her after the daughter of the last Terran Russian Czar, the legendary Anastasia Romanov. She is a descendent of the noble Marcus family of the Rim Worlds Republic, maternal cousins of House Amaris. After the Amaris Civil War, anyone distantly related to Amaris fled the Republic for their own safety, and the Marcuses settled in the Outworlds Alliance.[3]

Herself leaving the Outworlds Alliance for the Federated Suns in 3026, Marcus took up residence on New Syrtis, where she later acquired a PhD and much later became a Professor Emeritus of Federated Suns History at the University of Saso.[4][5] By 3028 however, Marcus had accepted the post of Historical Director on ComStar's Davion Research Project at the request of Primus Julian Tiepolo, working with the ComStar Archives on Terra. She accepted this position, both due to the honor it represented, as well as the opportunity it provided her to research her purported ancestor Stefan Amaris.[1]

As of 3063, Marcus was back on New Syrtis and publicly writing about the history of the Suns.[2]

Published Works[edit]

Marcus' published works included:


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