Anastasius Focht (Individual Suffren-class WarShip)

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This article is about Suffren-class WarShip. For the Precentor Martial of ComStar, see Anastasius Focht.
Anastasius Focht
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Suffren


The CSV Anastasius Focht was the first of class vessel within the Suffren class to be produced after the Precentor Martial, Anastasius Focht, restarted ComStar's WarShip program during ComStar's Reformation period after the Clan Invasion. The CSV Anastasius Focht was put into production in or around 3058. Manufactured at the Titan Shipyards,[1][2] by 3062 the Anastasius Focht was a part of the Com Guard First Independent Squadron, and was based in the Free Rasalhague Republic in support of the Twelfth Army.[3] The CSV Anastasius Focht remained in service with ComStar as of 3067,[4] but wasn't reported to have survived until 3076[5] implying that the ship was deployed on the abortive Case White attack on Terra in March 3068;[6] as there is no record of the Anastasius Focht being salvaged by the Word of Blake[7] this intimates that the Anastasius Focht was destroyed during Case White.


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