Anatoli Kerensky

Anatoli Kerensky
Affiliation Clan Wolf
Profession SaKhan

Anatoli Kerensky was a warrior of Clan Wolf who would rise to become SaKhan after the Wars of Reaving.


Anatoli Kerensky won Erik Kerensky's Bloodname in 3072.[1]

Shortly after the death of Khan Vlad Ward in 3083 on Rodigo, then saKhan Ivan Kerensky was elected Khan of the Wolves as the logical choice. To support their new Khan, the Wolves elected another Kerensky, Anatoli Kerensky, to serve as Ivan's saKhan while the Wolves entered a new era.[1]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Ivan Kerensky
saKhan of Clan Wolf
3083 - ????

Succeeded by


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