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System Information
X:Y Coordinates-3.375 : -386.492[e]

The Andarmax system is the location of at least one habitable world or construct, and as of 3145 was located in the Victoria Commonality of the Capellan Confederation.[1][2]

System Description[edit]

The Andarmax system is located near the Espia and Sax systems.[3]

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The Andarmax system is described in some detail in the (apocryphal) German novel Gier, where Andarmax is portrayed as not a single planet, but a gas giant with three dozen moons orbiting it. Inhabited moons include (but are not necessarily limited to) Laßwitz, Brin, Clark, Asimov, Eschbach, Gibson, Bear, Vance, Dick and Heinlein. The latter, although one of Andarmax's smallest moons, holds the government seat and the ComStar temple. The moons have low gravity conditions, but are heavily terraformed including atmosphere generators to the point of featuring open environments. Vance is mentioned as an agricultural moon.

Mining stations, Hyperion station among them, exist in the gas giant's atmosphere to mine valuable inert gas.

Because of being spread across many moons, the system features a heavily used communication network accessible to everybody, at no cost. This network is used for political decision-making, as citizens can make suggestions and vote on issues, even provide input. The Refrector is also elected (and can be ousted from office) in this way.

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System History[edit]

The Andarmax system was settled during the Star League era at some point after the end of the Reunification War.[4][3]

Political Affiliation[edit]

Planetary History[edit]

Andarmax was conquered in December 3030 by the Magistracy of Canopus during the joint invasion of the Capellan Confederation launched by the Magistracy and the Duchy of Andurien shortly after the Fourth Succession War. The planet was taken in a swift assault by the Magistracy Militia and the Killer Bees, a mercenary unit originally hired to provide training for the Militia.[37] According to another source, Andarmax was taken in 3033 by Colonel Centrella leading the Second Canopian Cuirassiers in an attack that saw the Andarmax Planetary Militia wiped out with very few casualties on the part of the Canopians.[21]

In August 3034 the Capellans launched a successful effort to reclaim Andarmax. With the Second Canopian Cuirassiers having moved on to Drozan, Andarmax was defended by a battalion of armor from the Second Magistracy Armed Forces Militia Armor Guard and a pair of mercenary units, the Killer Bees and MacGraw's Marauders, guarding the planetary capital city. Upon identifying the two Capellan units heading for Andarmax - Kamakura's Hussars and Rob's Renegades - the defenders believed they still had a slim chance of victory.[38][21]

Any such illusions were swiftly proven false in two days of heavy fighting, after which the two mercenary units opted for escape. The Canopian mercenary liaison ordered both units to directly attack the Capellans instead; the Marauders obeyed and were badly mauled, while the Killer Bees, citing a clause in their cadre contract, refused and withdrew from Andarmax with the CCAF's consent. In contrast, the Militia Armor Guard stood their ground, despite being equipped with just two platoons of VTOLs and a mix of tanks and mobile artillery. The Militia deployed remote sensors throughout the Alamance Wastes, their fallback position half a kilometer away from the capital, and intended to fight until reinforcements could arrive to support them. But by the 13th of August the Militia had suffered heavy losses in the Alamance Mountains and were mostly wiped out by the battle's end, while the Marauders managed to escape a shadow of its former self.[21][38]

Military Deployment[edit]




  • Little Richard's Panzer Brigade (Second Battalion)[40]

Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 44 systems (44 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Sax 12.0 Espia 13.9 New Roland 15.5 Jacomarle 16.7
Chennai 18.2 Calseraigne 19.5 Repulse 22.3 Adrar 22.8
Pilpala 23.0 Ghorepani 24.1 Principia 28.8 Antias 29.9
Shaobuon 30.8 Turin 30.8 Segerica 31.5 Salardion 35.5
Niomede 37.1 Drozan 38.4 Thamel 39.9 Athna 40.0
Barras 40.4 Naryn 42.3 Zhaomaon 42.7 Arn 42.7
Gunthar 42.8 Hibuarius 42.8 Payia 43.5 Linhauiguan 43.7
Sadurni 43.7 Renown 46.4 Buenos Aires 49.4 Viribium 50.3
Ordino 51.2 Claybrooke 51.6 Pell 55.2 Kurvasa 55.3
Shiba 55.4 Aquagea 56.0 Murris 56.1 Joppa 56.5
Borden 57.0 Lurgatan 58.1 Untran 58.6 Rosendal 59.1


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