Andery Kerensky

Andery Kerensky
Andery Kerensky OpKlondike.jpg
Born9 November 2766[1]
AffiliationClan Wolf
ProfessionInstructor of Clan Wolf
ParentsAleksandr Kerensky (father)
Katyusha Lumilova (mother)
SiblingsNicholas Kerensky
SpouseDana Kufahl (lover)

Andery Kerensky was the younger son of Katyusha and Aleksandr Kerensky and one of the founding leaders of the Clans.


Early life[edit]

Born on Terra, Andery spent most of his childhood hiding from Stefan Amaris' soldiers during their occupation of the Terran Hegemony, although he did later serve with the local resistance forces in Moscow. Andery's identity as the elder Kerensky's son remained hidden following the Liberation of Terra by the Star League Defense Force and the subsequent collapse of the Star League. Only after the SLDF's exodus from the Inner Sphere was Andery revealed as the general's son.

As tensions within the fleet grew, a naïve Andery was manipulated by his friend Jes, which really was Jennifer Winson, by orders of his elder brother Nicholas, into participating at a meeting of mutinous elements among the exiles. He didn't support her, but even his presence was seen as a de facto expression of support for them. When the Prinz Eugen and eight other ships mutinied and split off from the fleet, Aleksandr held Andery as partly responsible for the crisis, and ordered him to serve as part of the boarding party of 160 marines headed by Major Elizabeth Hazen that would be tasked with recapturing the Prinz Eugen and its small rebel fleet. Andery was also forced to partake in the subsequent execution of the mutinous officers.[2][3][4]

The Pentagon Worlds and Strana Mechty[edit]

After the Pentagon Worlds were colonized, Andery tested out of the active SLDF, but did well enough to be granted a post as an instructor at the Eden Military Academy. By the time the Pentagon slid into chaos around 2800, he had risen to command a battalion. When his father gave the orders for what became known as the DeChavilier Massacre, Andery publicly rebuked him and spent time in a detention cell before escaping after Aleksandr's death.

Andery joined his brother on Strana Mechty and over the next twenty years served in a variety of roles. His background as an instructor led him to being employed as Nicholas' eyes and ears among the newly formed Clans as they prepared for the return to the Pentagon. Andery also proved to be an advocate for the civilian population of Strana Mechty, and also worked as a problem- and dispute-solver among the Clans. Andery developed an especially close relationship with Clan Wolf during this time, one which would have far-reaching consequences.

Operation KLONDIKE and Death[edit]

Although initially serving as an aide to Nicholas Kerensky, Andery disliked the role and joined the Clan Wolf forces on Eden. Despite the fact he lacked an official rank, he served as one of his de facto leaders during Operation KLONDIKE, in the assault on Novy Moscva. After defeating a group of the Levic Ascendancy, Khan Winson ordered a detachment to cut their escape route, and Andery led it.

When the Ascendancy's headquarters was located on November 11, Andery led a detachment to intercept a large group of Ascendancy reinforcements, stopping them. After the Clan victory, the beheaded Ascendancy collapsed.

On 1 December 2821, Andery's BattleMech was ambushed by a reinforced lance while he was alone in Cameron Park. Though Andery inflicted significant damage to his attackers, he was slain by deliberate shots to his cockpit.


Andery's death sent his Wolf comrades into a frenzy, and his killers were hunted down and slaughtered. Together with those of his brother and sister-in-law, his genetic heritage was joined to Clan Wolf.

Much of Clan culture was influenced by Andery Kerensky. The word "aff" (which replaced "yes" in Clan English) was a childhood habit of Andery's that became used by students at the Eden Military Academy; the Trial of Position has its roots in Andery's bet with four of his cadets and the subsequent simulated fight against four of them; and Surkai was the surname of an officer from the Prinz Eugen that Andery was forced to personally execute after the mutiny. Most significantly, zellbrigen - the Clan's rules of one-on-one combat - was introduced by Nicholas as a response to the manner of his brother's death.

Though technically belonging exclusively to Clan Wolf, Andery's genetic legacy is periodically combined with the genes of Clan Coyote Khan Dana Kufahl, as a memorial of their relationship.

The river crossing Katyusha City, in Strana Mechty, was named Andery River, probably in honor of him.


The relationship between Andery and Nicholas Kerensky was always a cold and distant one. The elder Kerensky viewed his brother as a sentimentally weak man distracted by empathy to those around him and as a disgrace to the family name. Meanwhile, Andery saw Nicholas as an egotistical man with a messiah complex while resenting their father’s favoritism of Nicholas. Following Aleksandr's death in 2801 and their subsequent exile to Strana Mechty, the relationship between the two brothers grew more respectful, and Andery proved to be one of the few people able to stand up to Nicholas and temper his often outlandish ideas and policies.

During the Exodus, Andery a shared cabin with the future Clan Cloud Cobra founder, Windham Khatib, who became his best friend, spiritual advisor and father figure, despite the fact than Andery was never interested in religion.[5]

During the same period, Andery met the future Clan Fire Mandrill Khan, Raymond Sainze. He was very hostile to the young Kerensky, probably because he hated his father for having forced him into the Exodus, but with time, their relationship became more respectful.

While serving as an instructor at the Eden Military Academy, Andery met and fell in love with Dana Kufahl; though they never married, the two maintained a relationship that lasted until Andery's death, which conditioned both Clans' relationships for the next centuries.

Sarah McEvedy also became close to Andery during the Pentagon Civil War, considering him her best friend and ally, and admiring him for his independent streak and his ability to understand Nicholas's plan for the Clans - combining the useful ways of the past with a vision for the future. She also believed that he understood his brother Nicholas best of anyone.[6] His death was the only time she questioned her loyalty to Nicholas, until the events leading to the fall of Clan Wolverine. She believed that Andery would have approved of her actions in the attempt to defend her Clan.[7]


Andery was a noted Exterminator pilot.[8]


  • "Andery" is not an actual Russian given name, and is most likely a misspelling of the actual Russian name "Andrey" (which is the Slavic form of the name "Andrew," and is also spelled "Andrei").[citation needed]
  • Andery was the right arm of Nicholas in the founding of the Clans, while often was cited as the control rod on Nicholas's wilder ideas via serving as his confidant and conscience. With Andery's death, Nicholas was free to act unchecked, and some conspiracy theorists suggest Nicholas orchestrated his brother's death to have a free hand after Operation KLONDIKE. This was also a deeply-held belief of Khan Sarah McEvedy.[6] However, no evidence has ever been found. Meanwhile, the Founding of the Clans trilogy does imply that while Nicholas was not on close terms with his brother, they shared a mutually respectful, if emotionally tense relationship. The truth revealed outside of universe was shown to be much more complicated. There is also evidence that implies Nicholas was deeply affected by his brother's death; burying himself in work to distract himself from the grief of Andery’s death. [9]


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