Andreas Kosovskaia

Daniel Nikolaus
Affiliation Catholic Church
Rank Oberst
Profession Soldier

Andreas Kosovskaia was the commanding officer of the Swiss Guard during the Amaris Coup.[1]


When Stefan Amaris worked to directly subsume the authority and influence of the major religions based on Terra, destroying holy sites such as the Wailing Wall and torturing and executing senior religious figures, despoiling sites such as Mecca in the process. The Catholic Church knew that it would be a target for Amaris and his regime, and Oberst Andreas Kosovskaia, head of the Pontifical Swiss Guards, was entrusted by the Pope with an important mission - hiding the various treasures of the Vatican, particularly the contents of the Bibliotheca Apostolica Vaticana and the Archivum Secretum Vaticanum - the Vatican Library and the Vatican Secret Archives, respectively.[2]

Oberst Kosovskaia was diligent in his efforts; when Stefan Amaris arrived in his personal DropShip accompanied by Rim Worlds infantry to seize the treasures of Vatican City, he found that the vast majority of what he wanted had disappeared. Furnishings, paintings and other such treasures had vanished along with a portion of the Ducal Guard, who had merged into the civilian population of the megacity of Rome. Amaris was furious, and Oberst Kosovskaia was the first to die when Rim Worlds infantry stormed the Papal quarters. Amaris then ordered the Pope and the College of Cardinals to watch as his forces demolished the Sistine Chapel, before the Pope and Cardinals were summarily executed.[2]

He had ordered the two officers who were second in command, Oberstleutnant Chaeryl Brunegg on Terra and Oberstleutnant Daniel Nikolaus on Alarion to ensure the safety of the treasure. They spent twelve months smuggling the various treasures out of Rome and off Terra to the Ducal Palace on Alarion. Oberstleutnant Brunegg accompanied the last load of books and sculptures to Alarion. The Swiss Guard gathered on Alarion felt that Amaris' reign indicated the decline of human civilization and that humanity would soon tear itself apart in the warfare they saw as inevitable. As such, the Swiss Guard hatched a plan: they, their families and the treasures rescued from Terra would retreat into the Deep Periphery aboard the order's JumpShips. Safe in the Deep Periphery, they would wait out the End of Days, returning after the Devil had claimed his share of souls, at which point they would help rebuild the Catholic Church.[2]


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