Andrew Moray

Andrew Moray
Affiliation House Amaris
Parents Stefan Amaris (father)
Shera Moray (mother)[1]

Andrew Moray was the illegitimate son of Stefan Amaris.[1]


Within what was still territory of the Amaris Empire,[2] Andrew Moray was born on Altair in January of 2774 to Shera Moray.[1] An unwilling mistress on the run from Emperor Amaris, Shera would flee further with her son to Slocum the following February, with the SLDF's liberation of the world perhaps promising some modicum of safety and stability.[2]

Arriving in the city of Rotund, Shera Moray would then exchange identities with another mother. Almost immediately after, agents of General Legos would gun the mother & child down, believing them to be the true Morays.[1]

Shera & her son Andrew, meanwhile, survived to go into hiding.[1]



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