Andrew Norris

Andrew Norris
Affiliation Warwick Stables
Profession Arena Gladiator

Andrew Norris was one of the Lance MechWarrior from Warwick Stables that arrived to the final of the first Solaris Lance Championship.[1]

History & Tactics[edit]

Nothing is known from him prior to 3054, but Jeremiah Rose point of view and after comparing "Mad Dog" Maddox (the Hatchetman pilot) with Andrew Norris, he concluded that Mad Dog was definitely a better warrior. Jeremiah and her team mate Mary Hodges in her Stinger battled both of them and though he damaged Jeremiah Rose's 'Mech and could have ended him, Mary Hodges finished him.[2]


Andrew Norris was a Veteran MechWarrior.[1]


During the first Solaris Lance Championship final in August 3054 he was piloting a JVN-10F Javelin.[1]. As the match result ended with Warwick having to give the 'Mechs to the victor, it is unknown what happened with Andrew Norris after this.


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