Andrew Steiner (32nd c.)

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Andrew Steiner II
Character Profile
Born 3075[1][2]
Died 3127[3][4]
Affiliation House Borge-Steiner
Title(s) Archon
Parents Adam Steiner (father)
Heather Fyhne (mother)
Siblings Frederick Steiner
Children Melissa Steiner

Andrew Steiner was the Archon of the Lyran Commonwealth during the quiet years of the Republic of the Sphere.


Early Life[edit]

Born in 3075 to Archon Adam Steiner and Heather Fyhne, Andrew was named for his father's older brother, lost during the initial Clan Invasion.[1][2]

Following the accidental death of his brother Frederick's wife in 3116, the estranged Frederick asked Andrew and his father to assist in the raising of Roderick Steiner, who spent most of his childhood at the palace at Tharkad with Andrew's daughter Melissa and cousin Trillian.[5][6]

Unlike his father and Trillian's parents, Andrew had a distinct distrust of Devlin Stone and the Republic of the Sphere, views which he ultimately imparted to his daughter.[7]

Archon of the Lyran Commonwealth[edit]

Andrew became Archon following the death of his father in 3121.[5] Still intensely distrustful of Stone and the Republic of the Sphere, in one of the few notable events of his brief reign Andrew made the provocative move of reviving the 5th Lyran Regulars in 3122, ensuring it was heavily staffed with Skye partisans who desired to return the "stolen" Isle of Skye to Lyran control.[8]

Death and Legacy[edit]

Contracting food poisoning at the Tharkad City Liberation Street Fair, Andrew died in 3127, succeeded as Archon by his daughter Melissa.[3][4]


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