Andrew Terlecki II

Andrew Terlecki II
Also known as Andrew Terlecki Jr.
Affiliation House Terlecki
Profession Field Marshal of the Crucis March
Parents Andrew Terlecki (father)
Children Andrew Terlecki III

Andrew Terlecki II was a Federated Suns officer.


Hauptmann General Andrew Terlecki II took command in the mid-3030's, and would serve as the Fifth's last commander.

Addicks PDZ[edit]

Terlecki survived the Sudeten raid, and was cleared of any wrong-doing. He was thereafter promoted Marshal and succeeded his father as the brigade's commanding officer in 3053, as well as serving as the commander of the Addicks PDZ.[1] Surviving the fires of the Jihad, Terlecki would form a major resistance movement on Deneb Kaitos, defying the Word of Blake occupiers until liberation years later.

Post-Civil War[edit]

After the FedCom Civil War Andrew would be the Director of the Crucis March Regional Command.[2]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Field Marshal of the Crucis March
- 3067

Succeeded by


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