Andrew Terlecki III

Andrew Terlecki III
Affiliation House Terlecki
Profession Major General
Parents Andrew Terlecki II (father)

Andrew Terlecki III (born ???? - died 3???) was an officer in the AFFS.


FedCom Civil War[edit]

When commanding officer of the Fourth Deneb Light Cavalry, Leutnant-General Fran Vidal was killed on Dalkieth, she was replaced by Major General Andrew Terlecki.[1]


The Fourth DLC was nearly destroyed when the Word of Blake attacked Deneb Kaitos. In fact the Opacus Venatori effectively destroyed the unit as a combat force.[2] The survivors went on to found a resistance movement that harassed the Blakists for the next ten years. General Terlecki was reinstated to brigade command by the Eighth's commander once the General was known to be alive. The surviving members of the Fourth were integrated into the Eighth Deneb Light Cavalry and then the Eighth split into two units: The new Fourth DLC and the Eighth DLC. The Fourth DLC had announced its intentions to remain on Deneb Kaitos, even if the world is ceded to the Republic of the Sphere.[3]


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