Andrew Thompson

Andrew Thompson
Affiliation Lone Star Battalion
Profession MechWarrior

Andrew Thompson was a member of the Lone Star Battalion during the conflict on Epsilon Eridani in 3067.[1]


In 3067 two mercenary units, his Lone Star Regiment and Redfield's Renegades, were battling on Epsilon Eridani when they made a significant discovery. The fighting near the Shamus Mountains unearthed an old Star League Defense Force depot hidden within the mountains. Still intact within the Depot was a battle scarred Colossus-class DropShip. Both mercenary units immediately laid claim to the DropShip, and with neither willing to compromise a grueling combat was initiated that saw both units take heavy casualties. Ultimately, the Lone Star Regiment were the victors and recovered both the DropShip and the battlefield salvage as prizes.[2]

He participated in the patrol on May 20th, 3067 at 0435 hours, where James Davis, from Redfield's Renegades, was surprised by Lone Star Battalion MechWarrior James Davis in his ASN-21 Assassin and shot him, killing him, and starting the fight, which had been brewing but had not yet exploded. From here onwards both commands were to full war.[3]


He piloted a JR7-D Jenner.[1]


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