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Andryusha Bombardment Frigate.jpg
Andryusha Bombardment Frigate
Production information
Manufacturer House Liao
Use Naval Fire Support
Tech Base Star League Advanced (Non-Tournment Legal) Technology
Chassis Type (Size) Naval Vessel, Large (Large, Template C)
Equipment Rating E/X-X-F/E
Cost ???
Technical specifications
Mass 8,500 Tons
Speed 80 km/h
Top Speed 80 km/h
Power Plant Electric (Fuel Cell)
Fuel (Type/Range) 8,347 Km
Armament 2 x Long Tom Artilery Piece
2 x LRM-20s
6 x ER PPCs
2 x LRT-20s
Heat Sinks 52
Armor (BAR 10)
Crew 22 Officers, 48 Enlisted/non-rated, 58 gunners, 15 bay personnel
BV (2.0) ???


The Andryusha-class Bombardment Frigate was a conversion designed by and exclusively for Liao's Home Guard as a fire support vessel for ground forces.[1]

The Andryusha was originally a Federated Suns Rapier-class Patrol Destroyer, a wet navy patrol asset. Liao had three of these ships in service when, in 3057, the planet was liberated by Confederation forces during Operation Guerrero. In 3065, the Home Guard, wanting to bolster their forces, saw the decommissioned Davion vessels as a means to help in their goal. The first of the three ships was converted into the Andryusha configuration with artillery as its prominent weapon. In a training exercise to evaluate the newly-rebuilt ship, the design showed its mettle, however, the ship proved to be vulnerable to air attack. While the LNS Nikita and its sister ship were put into service, the trio's remaining Rapier sistership was under consideration to be converted into an aircraft carrier to provide air cover.[1]

The vessel features Armored Chassis and Control modifications, 30 Life Boats, 1 Helipad, 10 tons of Communications Equipment, field kitchen and a MASH unit with five operating theaters.[1]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The ship's principal weapons are found in two of its forward armored turrets, each mounting a single Long Tom Artillery piece. All weaponry is guided by the ship's Advanced Fire Control system.[2]

Its conventional weaponry includes a pair of 20-Tube Long Range Missile launchers mounted on its bow, with thirty-six racks of ammunition fire between them. The ship retains six of the old Rapier's Extended Range Particle Projector Cannons; two are mounted in its rear arcs, while the remaining four are in one of the ship's forward turrets, providing for some significant firepower against intermediate threats. The ship's anti-submarine warfare weaponry includes a pair of 20-Tubed LR-Torpedo launchers mounted front left and right of the ship's bow. The ship is given four tons of ammunition for torpedo launchers. The ship carries thirty tons of ammunition to sustain artillery fire while performing its duties along the coast. All of the Andryusha's ammunition is found in the main body of the vessel, protected by CASE. Its hull is protected by twenty-nine tons of standard armor, providing for an even spreading of protection to all its flanks and turrets.[2]


The ship has a 1,052 ton standard cargo capacity, with two doors found right and left rear. It also features 6 light vehicle bays.[1]

Named Vessels[edit]

  • LNS Nikita - First of the class to be converted into the Andryusha configuration.[1]

Related Designs[edit]


  • The Andryusha entry in Handbook: House Liao showed it only being armed with two rear-firing ER PPCs instead of the six ER PPCs that the record sheet showed. Writers on the official forum of Classic stated that the record sheet was the correct layout of the ship, with its third turret with its ER PPCs.[3]
  • As of this writing it unclear if these ships survived the Word of Blake attacks launched against the world during the Jihad.


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