Angus Lochart

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Angus Lochart
Died 3055
Affiliation Northwind Highlanders
Black Thorns
Profession MechWarrior
Parents Lonny Lochart (father) [1]

Angus Lochart was a MechWarrior who was a founding member of the Black Thorns mercenary unit.


Early Career[edit]

Angus had served in the Periphery for a contract period prior to becoming a founding member of the Black Thorns. [2] He piloted his father’s Valkyrie.[3]

Borghese Contract[edit]

Angus was made the leader of the pursuit lance.[4] He was involved in the fighting on Borghese. He fought against the Preservationists and Clan Jade Falcon.[5]


Angus died fighting against Clan Jade Falcon in 3055 when a PPC blasted through his 'Mech.[6]


He piloted a Valkyrie.


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