Animals (short story)

Animals (short story)
Product information
Type Short story
Pages 3
Publication information
Publisher FanPro
First published
Era Jihad era

Animals is a short story by Lance Scarinci that was published as part of Handbook: House Davion.

Plot summary[edit]

George Hasek is with his mother Kym Sorenson during the appearance back in New Avalon of Princess-Regent Yvonne Steiner-Davion and Duke Tancred Sandoval. George Hasek is not happy with the new governors and speaks with her mother about it, making it very clear he knows on Kym Sorenson's past as MIIO agent and what she did. They go on a chat on leadership, the bad decision taken by the last Steiner-Davions and what the Federated Suns really needs is a leader forged in war. Him to be precise. And he has submitted ther mother to New Avalon to help her defuse the situation he will make happen next year when he will go to war against the Capellan Confederation.

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The was he initiated was code-named Operation SOVEREIGN JUSTICE.