Anita Cho

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Anita Cho.png
Anita Cho
Died 3063
Affiliation House Cho
Profession Mandrissa of Carver V
Children Jason Cho

Anita Cho was a Liao noblewoman in the Capellan Confederation on the world of Carver V during the FedCom Civil War. Her only son was Jason Cho.

To the mercenary, war is a business, and on Carver V, business is good, isn’t it?

Carver V[edit]

After being contracted to House Liao, the Mercenary commander would be introduced to Mandrissa Anita Cho and her son Jason. She tells the commander that she is dying from an illness and wants to return Carver V to Capellan control under her son's rule before passing away. She also reveals that Carver V originally belonged to House Liao under her husband's rule until House Davion killed him. Under her employment the mercenary commander is tasked to rescue prisoners, raid Davion supplies and steal their Mechs and equipment, cut off HPG communications between Davion and Steiner forces (even earning two Captured Davion Clan Mechwarriors as bondsmen), and supply raids. However, for every victory praised, Jason scorns, eventually causing him to undo the progress of gains.[1]

Alliance of Vengeance[edit]

You killed my son, Sang-wei! This is the end of my family line. Now prepare yourself for my response!

-- Anita Cho to the Mercenary Commander after killing her son.

After Jason Cho's failed operations, Anita was forced to delegate with Colonel Renard in hopes of an alliance with House Steiner. She would send the mercenary's force as a honor guard to Jason Cho for the meeting. Both Renard and Jason agreed on the alliance in exchange for one deal, the death of the mercenaries. Jason gladly accepted and would fight the mercenaries by himself, resulting in his death. Angered by this, Anita would send her personal BattleMech forces in to destroy the mercenaries in retaliation. As more Liao waves came, the crew would get help in form of Baxter and his partisan forces. With the help of the partisan, both Steiner and the remaining Liao forces would be destroyed and the Mercenary Commander would take a contract with House Davion in revenge for House Liao's betrayal.[2]

Death & Legacy[edit]

Well played, Sang-wei. My husband is dead. My son is dead. I am in disgrace. I will not wait for disease to take me. By the time you reach my palace, I will be dead. May you live in interesting times!

-- Anita Cho's final words to the Mercenary Commander before she committed suicide.

After her forces were destroyed by the Mercenary Commander, Anita Cho decided to commit suicide before the mercenaries destroy her place. But before her death, she would send the commander a recording. The surviving units on Carver V would later flee off-world or go into hiding.[3]

Her death would remove House Liao’s influence from the planet and mark the end of the Cho bloodline.

Behind the Scenes[edit]

Anita Cho was portrayed by actress Marian Lee Stryker


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