Ann Gessert

Ann Gessert
Affiliation Redfield's Renegades
Rank Sergeant
Profession MechWarrior

Ann Gessert was an officer of the Redfield's Renegades during the conflict on Epsilon Eridani in 3067.[1]


In 3067 two mercenary units, her Redfield's Renegades and the Lone Star Regiment, were battling on Epsilon Eridani when they made a significant discovery. The fighting near the Shamus Mountains unearthed an old Star League Defense Force depot hidden within the mountains. Still intact within the Depot was a battle scarred Colossus-class DropShip. Both mercenary units immediately laid claim to the DropShip, and with neither willing to compromise a grueling combat was initiated that saw both units take heavy casualties. Ultimately, the Lone Star Regiment were the victors and recovered both the DropShip and the battlefield salvage as prizes.[2]

After the fight started by the two patrols between the Lone Star Battalion and Redfield's Renegades on May 20th, 3067 at 0435 hours, less than an hour later, she was following her commanding officer, Sarah Redfield-Barnes and two of her lances, against a Lone Star base.[3][4]


She piloted a PXH-3K Phoenix Hawk.[1]


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