Ann Hawkins

Ann Hawkins
Affiliation Warwick Stables
Profession Arena Gladiator

Ann Hawkins was one of the Lance MechWarriors from Warwick Stables that arrived to the final of the first Solaris Lance Championship.

History & Tactics[edit]

Nothing is known from her prior to 3054, the only reference we have is on her fight during the final. She was quickly fighting Jackson Carter in his Hunchback. Though she had knocked down Jackson, both 'Mechs ended entangled, and she was unable to move. When she saw that Jeremiah Rose was the last survivor of the fight, and knowing she could not move, she forfeited the fight, ending with the victory from Carstairs Stables, she nevertheless lost against her.[1]


Ann Hawkins was a Regular firing, Veteran piloting MechWarrior.


During the first Solaris Lance Championship final in August 3054 she was piloting a CN9-AL Centurion.[2]. As the match result ended with Warwick having to give the 'Mechs to the victor, it is unknown what happened with Ann Hawkins after this.


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