Anna Rosse

This article is about the individual known as Anna Rosse. For the York-class WarShip, see Anna Rosse (Vessel).
Anna Rosse
Born 2757
Affiliation Clan Nova Cat
Spouse Phillip Drummond
Children Sandra Rosse

Anna Rosse (born 2757 - died 2???) was one of the founders of Clan Nova Cat, the mother of Sandra Rosse and life long companion of Phillip Drummond.


Early life[edit]

Anna Rosse was one of the many victims of Stefan Amaris' attempted coup, one of the few survivors of a botched strike on a power station by the Amaris Dragoons. Orphaned by the attack that destroyed her tiny Italian village, Anna and other survivors were picked up in a sweep by Amaris troops supporting the operation. In the process of being sent to an internment camp, Anna was part of a group rescued by a local resistance cell. After two years of being shuffled between locations, she eventually found herself a member of an all female resistance cell located in Greece.

Here, Anna Rosse first began to heal from her traumatic experience, under the guidance of her new found family. As she regained her faith in the goodness of humanity thanks to these deeply spiritual women, she also revealed a talent for communications and economics, a talent that the resistance cell felt should be shared with the general resistance to improve their general efficiency. Due to her young age and other obstacles, early progress was slow. However, as she grew older, and word of her talent spread, the task grew easier. By the time of the liberation of Terra, she found herself in Moscow; a hero of the resistance at the young age of 22. It was here, in the initial meetings between the SLDF and resistance leaders that she met Captain Peter Karpov.


Anna Rosse and Peter Karpov fell in love quickly, and were married within the year. When Aleksandr Kerensky broadcasted the order for Operation Exodus, the married couple both took up the call, and were berthed on the ill fated Prinz Eugen. Tragedy again struck Anna as Peter sided with the mutineers. With the suppression of the Mutiny, Peter Karpov was among those executed as a traitor. A grief stricken Anna Rosse suffered a nervous breakdown.

Two of Peter's cousins, the brothers Ivan Karena and Frederick Karena took charge of Anna Rosse and together they settled on Circe. Once more, Anna was left to recover from her psychological ordeal. Remembering the spiritual nature of her foster family in Greece, Anna called upon these memories, and the love she still felt for her husband, to develop a small ritual to help her come to terms with her husband's death. This developed into a belief in the power of ritual, the sanctity of all life, and truth in visions.

It was during this healing process that Anna met Phillip Drummond, a friend of the Karena brothers. While at first she resisted his attempts at friendship. She would eventually return his feelings, though the process was a slow one. This deepened into love, and while they were never officially married, they eventually had three children, two unnamed sons and a daughter, Sandra. Besides raising their children, Anna would also become a successful merchant.

Civil War[edit]

This happy time proved short. In an effort to escape the escalating violence, Anna and Phillip fled into the wilds of Circe with their children. This proved futile, as a strike on their community by Lyran separatist resulted in the death of their two sons. Instead of grief, Anna channeled her feelings of loss into vengeance. The couple sided with Kerensky loyalists, Anna once more taking up the role of communications and supply expert. Their resistance cell would stage a series of strikes and raids for the next several months.

Both Anna and Phillip would soon grow weary of this conflict. When Nicolas Kerensky put forward the call for the Second Exodus, Anna and Phillip joined the flight toward Strana Mechty.


While Phillip Drummond would soon become Khan of Clan Nova Cat, Anna would be stripped of her last name as a non-combatant and placed into the Merchant Caste of Clan Nova Cat. Anna would continue to raise their daughter Sandra while using her skills for the betterment of the Nova Cats. Secretly, she would also maintain her relationship with Phillip, keeping him appraised of their daughter's progress.

When Sandra, now a Star Captain in Clan Nova Cat, engaged in her plan to assume the Khanship of Clan Nova Cat, she competed for, and won, the Bloodname of Rosse in honor of her mother.

Anna's keen logistical sense and devotion to Phillip would once again prove useful later. When Phillip Drummond stepped down from his position as Khan of Clan Nova Cat, Anna secured transportation to a small medical facility on Circe. There, Phillip was healed of his disease while Anna kept him up to date. When Sandra Rosse was killed during the Trial of Grievance that resulted from the Annihilation of Clan Wolverine, Phillip was ready to take take her place, thanks to Anna's efforts.


Anna Rosse was instrumental in guiding the upbringing of Sandra Rosse. Anna Rosse's belief in the power of ritual would pass on to Sandra Rosse, resulting in the clan of mystics known today.

More directly, Anna's leadership role in the Clan's Merchant Caste, and Khan Phillip and Khan Sandra's free hand and trust in her abilities, ensured that Clan Nova Cat would become one of the stronger economic powers during the Golden Century and beyond.


The SLS Anna Rosse, a York class warship, was named in her honor.


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