Annabelle Lee

Vessel Profile


The Annabelle Lee was a DropShip of unspecified type.

When Capellan Confederation forces from Warrior House Hiritsu attacked and captured the Olympus-class space station Jodo Shinsa at the zenith jump point of the Kaifeng system on 10 July 3058 the Annabelle Lee was docked to the station's Number One maintenance bay.[1] It was captured along with the station, and its communications equipment was completely removed to prevent it from sending a warning about the attack to the planet.[2]

It was noted at one point that the Annabelle Lee could be moved from the Number One maintenance bay to one of the smaller bays on the Olympus-class station.[1] Since such a space station features one 150,000 ton docking bay and two 50,000 ton docking bays this suggests the Annabelle Lee massed no more than 50,000 tons.


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