Annalise Proctor

Annalise Proctor
Affiliation Free Worlds League
Title(s) Knight of the Inner Sphere

Annalise Proctor was a Knight of the Inner Sphere during Operation SERPENT.


Operation SERPENT[edit]

During Operation SERPENT Proctor was the commanding officer of 2nd Company, 2nd Battalion First Knights of the Inner Sphere when the unit was ambushed by Clan Smoke Jaguar ProtoMechs in the Shikari Jungle on Huntress.[1]

Star League Defense Force[edit]

Once Task Force Serpent returned to the Inner Sphere, Proctor was offered a post as the commanding officer of the 3rd Battalion of the reborn First Royal BattleMech Regiment.[citation needed]


Proctor piloted a P1B Perseus.[1]


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